Three dimensions of problem solving

Creativity and innovation were on display at the Makerspace facility in Holsworthy Barracks during National Science Week 2023, with soldiers training in 3D modelling and printing to create scaled replicas of vehicles and terrain.

CAPTION : From left, Army Privates Robert Leighton, Adithya Biju and Lachlan Coe, from the School of Military Engineering, create 3D models at the Makerspace facility at Holsworthy Barracks, Sydney. Story and photos by Sergeant Brodie Cross.

Warrant Officer Class Two David Eason, a multimedia instructor at the Defence School of Intelligence, uses photography to capture high-resolution imagery of various objects. Then, using a technology called photogrammetry, he is able to make precise 3D models, creating a printable object for any purpose.

“At the school, I instruct on a two-week 3D modelling package. Having access to this Makerspace facility provides a great opportunity to take our students’ skills to the next level by not only creating a 3D model but then also printing it using this new technology,” Warrant Officer Eason said.

A two-week Army applied innovation course further tests and develops these problem-solving skills.

Other technologies on offer within the facility are laser cutting, CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines, electronics and coding.

CAPTIONWarrant Officer Class Two David Eason, from the Defence School of Intelligence, creates 3D models at the Makerspace facility at Holsworthy Barracks.

Makerspace site supervisor Shaun Sullivan said the facility offers a creative environment that can be customised to individual skills.

“When someone comes in we will sit down with them and see what they want to create, then we figure out what skill sets they need to build up so they can do it themselves,” he said.

“Since the official opening just two weeks ago, our user base is growing by the day. With a goal of 50 to 60 inductions per week, we are noticing different people from all corps are coming through.”

With seven locations at bases across the country, Makerspace aims to provide a place for learning-by-making and education in innovative approaches, creative thinking and agile methodologies. This is gathering a toolbox of problem-solving techniques to help tackle Army’s current and emerging challenges.





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