Fast friends from across the ditch

For Royal New Zealand Navy officer Sub-Lieutenant Aron Mago, travelling to Australia to undertake the Engineer Officers’ Application Course has been the highlight of his career so far.

CAPTION: Engineering officer trainees Royal New Zealand Navy Sub-Lieutenant Aron Mago and Royal Australian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Jarad Barber at HMAS Cerberus’ technical training faculty. Story by Sub-Lieutenant Tahlia Merigan. Photo by Petty Officer Nina Fogliani.

Sub-Lieutenant Mago has had the opportunity, along with other engineers from the RNZN, to complete their training with the Royal Australian Navy.

After completing the course at HMAS Cerberus at the end of Navy Engineering Week on 8 June, he, along with all other graduates, will enter the fleet on their first postings.

“I’ll be continuing on the next phase of my career to consolidate my training as an assistant marine engineer officer in HMAS Warramunga for the next 12-15 months,” Sub-Lieutenant Mago said.

Sub-Lieutenant Mago’s favourite aspect of the course was learning with members from each force and being exposed to how the RAN operates as an organisation.

“It has been an incredible experience and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to come over here and work and train alongside Australians,” Sub-Lieutenant Mago said.

“It will be an invaluable privilege to serve on an Australian Navy ship as an assistant marine engineer officer and take the knowledge gained and competencies learnt back to the RNZN.”

His favourite moment so far in Australia has been seeing the different wildlife; especially spotting wild kangaroos at Cerberus.

“I have made a lot of close friendships here that I hope I can continue, being able to rely on each other for our individual careers,” he said.

Another member of the course, RAN Sub-Lieutenant Jarad Barber, said he couldn’t wait to graduate and join HMAS Ballarat.

“The whole course itself has been a blast. They’ve been a great group of people and we’ve had a lot of fun; whether on weekends, at sport or banter over lunch and dinner,” Sub-Lieutenant Barber said.

“The Kiwis have been a great addition. In class they have a close enough background to understand how we operate but still provide a different perspective. The course is significantly better with their presence.”

Navy Engineering Week kicked off at Cerberus on June 5, with Navy and civilian engineers and technicians coming together to discuss category related issues, ideas and career continuum developments.





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