Third rotation of Ukrainian recruits in training with Aussie soldiers

The third rotation of Ukrainian recruits to be trained by Australian soldiers has commenced initial training as part of Operation Kudu in the United Kingdom.

CAPTION: An Australian Army soldier deployed on Operation Kudu leads recruits from the Armed Forces of Ukraine as they march to a field training area in southern England. Story by Flight Lieutenant Lily Lancaster. Photo by Sergeant Andrew Sleeman.

The early wake-up calls and uniform checks are not dissimilar from any Australian initial military training course.

The difference? In just five weeks’ time, these recruits will graduate from the course with skills to defend their home country in a real combat.

They are being made ready by skilled Australian Army instructors, who are teaching weapon handling and firing, rural and urban fighting, trench warfare and medical survival skills.

Each lesson is built from the experience of the Ukrainian troops, who have fought hard over the past year.

Many of the recruits are university students and everyday employees.

“From the first time they picked up a weapon, their commitment is obvious,” one of the Australian platoon commanders said.

“They are eager to learn.”

In one week, recruits learnt the basics of how to assemble their field pack, and mastered the complexities of rifle, grenade and anti-armour weapon systems.

They were soon ready to march into their first field exercise, where they learnt how to live and survive in a tactical field environment.

The weight-loaded march was a first for some recruits, and some found the patrol skills and formations challenging.

But they successfully completed the training exercise.

“What has surprised me is how quickly the soldiers have learnt skills,” an Australian Army instructor said.

“I reckon they are performing much better than we were one week into Kapooka.

“They are already strong teams and are keen to perfect their drills.”

This contingent of Australian Army instructors is the second rotation to deploy on Operation Kudu and they are proud to play a part in such an important mission.

“When I heard I was deploying on Operation Kudu, I was very proud,” one Australian officer said.

“It’s a mission that I believe in wholeheartedly.

“Operation Kudu is something that’s really important to myself and every member of the contingent.

“We all believe in the mission.

“We all believe in providing the best training we can to the Ukrainians.”







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4 thoughts on “Third rotation of Ukrainian recruits in training with Aussie soldiers

  • 04/06/2023 at 5:53 pm

    Hello Lyn.
    My understanding of Op KUDU is the A.D.F. is only doing Infantry small unit training.
    As such, there are no roles open to training Women in Op KUDU.

  • 04/06/2023 at 5:48 pm

    According to many readers, and others.
    I wrongly see in Ukraine 2023, some semblance of Germany 1945, with its forced conscription and arming of the general population, this 4th bloody incarnation of the Ukrainian Army, and to describe it as a Ukrainian Volkssturm.

    The inadequate equipping or rushed training of old men, students, hair-dressers, taxi drivers?
    100 000’s of Ukrainian men who don’t qualify as ‘Fighting Age Males’, and should never be Soldiers nor ever in uniform?
    Who are immediately and callously thrown in Battle, against the advancing Russian Army retracing their exact steps from less than 80 years earlier?
    A Forlorn Hope referred to as ”Meat for the Battlefield”, with a reported 4 hour life expectancy in the Battle of Bakmuht.
    A battle with 7/1 K.I.A. in the Russian favour, and a Ukrainian Butchers bill with a MINIMUM of 35 000,
    to 100 000 K.I.A.
    A Battle fought ONLY for Political reasons, and lost for sound Military ones.

    I don’t want to get into the disturbingly vast amount of Nazi/Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarine/Wehrmacht Insignia currently displayed by countless Ukrainian Military units that is in the public domain.
    Though I am troubled Australia and her Soldiers are so closely involved in their training and equipping.
    My Grandfather was 2nd A.I.F., and I doubt he would be pleased to see our new ‘Allies’ banners.

    I’ll make one more comparison of Germany 1945 and Ukraine 2023.
    That is the striking similarity of both Military High Commands being consistently overruled by their Political Leaders regarding Strategic and Operational matters while fighting an advancing Russian force, and the resulting disastrous casualties and losses.

    I’ve made my opinion clear regarding Australia helping Russia fight to the last Ukrainian, aka Op. KUDU,
    so lets hear from someone who’s actually amongst the Claret, not lurking in Russell Hill.
    Below are extracts of a conversation from a Snr. A.R.A. Officer involved in Operational planning in The Donbass.*

    His experience of the results and benefits of Op KUDU.

    ”… was seen in the zap battle, western style combined arms offensives have failed, with drunk KUDU trained soldiers getting lost or blown up by ATGMs and with very limited advances being made near Bakmhut despite that sector having some of Ukraines better units.”

    His opinion of Ukrainian air power and C.A.S.

    ”….it is my view that western support for this, without reform would constitute extreme criminal negligence that unnecessarily endangers lives.”

    He then states.

    ”……’Russian’ morale is low, which I hope will help Ukraine win.
    However, hope is not a strategy.

    * YT Channel Willy OAM

    Just like Operation SLIPPER, Operation KUDU is another stain on the A.D.F.’s Soul from following our U.S.”Allies” around the World in unnecessary Wars and Bloodshed.

    Neutrality for Australia.


    • 13/06/2023 at 5:12 pm

      Just an epic and amazing depiction of the other less spoken, yet important side of the story.

      I wanted to write something similar but the blood would boil as I wrote knowing huge media coverage were so integrated into this huge PSYOP, getting through to anyone is now impossible if keeping polite company is a priority. This is a money laundering operation not unlike the last scam that had global consequences with further billions funnelled who knows were all easily achieved with a now clinically gullible population in the western world.

      They made a similar statement early on but I think it wasn’t set out as well and with an assumed knowledge one would have thought the ‘Contact‘ readership might hold.

      I agree, it’s not easy to challenge one’s own beliefs and is often difficult to grasp with such limited resources now in our mass censored media and even internet.

      However once you are awake to this double speak, it’s easy to spot the truth from the spin. You are right, the ADF will look back on this and I’m not sure how they are going to spin it. But spin it they will until significant change in US policy which I suspect is now fundamentally decided for the foreseeable future.

  • 04/06/2023 at 2:30 pm

    Being a feminist throughout my entire life, I am eager to find the spirit of egalitarianism in all areas of life. So many European countries do have women in their ranks. I am conscious though, of the damage to the Ukranian society as a whole by the bombing and general warfare. So many women and children have left the country. So my question is – are there women in the ranks defending the country? That question leads to – Are there women in the recruits being trained in the UK by Australia?


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