Ex Brolga Run tests 3 Brigade in complex scenarios

Australian Army’s 3rd Brigade has deployed to the Townsville Field Training Area to start the next stage of training on Exercise Brolga Run.

CAPTION: Australian Army soldiers from 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, after an assault on the Urban Operations Training Facility during Exercise Brolga Run 2023 at Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland. Photo by Corporal Brandon Grey.

Building on lessons learned earlier in the year, the brigade is fighting a simulated enemy for three weeks in a demanding and complex environment.

More than 1500 Townsville-based troops are being put to the test on how to conduct stability, security and evacuation operations against a simulated enemy.

Brolga Run is preparing the brigade for Exercise Talisman Sabre, which will involve forces from the United States and other partner nations in July.

Commander 3rd Brigade Brigadier Dave McCammon explained how his formation determined the kind of training they would be completing in the field.

“We look at everything that’s going on in the world and always make sure we’re watching trends to ensure our training is current and relevant,” Brigadier McCammon said.

“We’ll combine live-fire activities with ASLAVs, Bushmasters, armoured personnel carriers, tanks, and practice integration with Army helicopters.

“Exercise Brolga Run is a closer look at collective team training to further refine how we interact tanks, infantry and engineers together.

“We’re confirming and progressing our readiness states as the training year continues.”

Brigadier McCammon said Townsville Field Training Area was a great place for the Australian Army and foreign partners to train.

“Its size means we can facilitate different types of training from urban operations to rivers that are difficult to get across to open areas and bushland,” Brigadier McCammon said.

“Training activities like Brolga Run allow us to refine the way we fight before teaming up with our regional partners on Talisman Sabre in July.”

Exercise Brolga Run began on 27 April and will conclude in the Townsville Field Training Area on 19 May.







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