Aussies Growling at another Red Flag in Nevada

The first Exercise Red Flag Nellis of 2023 is off to a flying start at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, USA, with the Royal Australian Air Force deploying up to five EA-18G Growler aircraft from No. 6 Squadron and approximately 100 aviators in support of the Exercise to enhance Australia’s air-power interoperability with partner nations [If they are already in Nellis, why the non-specific number? Can anyone actually count?].

FILE PHOTO (August 2021): A RAAF KC-30A refuels a No. 6 Squadron EA-18G Growler during a ferry from Australia to the United States for Exercise Red Flag Alaska. Story by Flying Officer Bronwyn Marchant.

RAAF’s Director General Air, Air Commodore John Haly said combined-force training between the Royal Australian Air Force, the United States Air Force and the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force provided a critical opportunity for partner nations to enhance their skills.

“Exercises such as Red Flag Nellis are an opportunity to advance relationships and interoperability with the United States and United Kingdom,” Air Commodore Haly said.

“Although Australia conducts similar training activities domestically, the scope and scale of Red Flag Nellis cannot be replicated within Australia.”

RAAF’s detachment commander Wing Commander Steven Thornton said Exercise Red Flag Nellis would provide complex and advanced aerial training against simulated targets and realistic threat systems.

“This training helps ensure RAAF remains ready to deploy aircraft and personnel away from their home base and sustain high-tempo operations,” Wing Commander Thornton said.

“It also provides the necessary environment for testing and development of new work practices, systems or role expansion.”

Exercise Red Flag Nellis will conclude on 10 February 2023.





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One thought on “Aussies Growling at another Red Flag in Nevada

  • 29/01/2023 at 12:40 pm

    All part of the progressive agenda. 2+2 = 5 planes deployed. You know…it’s non binary. It’s hard to count when you are cross eyed but the ADF will support you to become chief. No problem. In Sydney, we got to enjoy a total drumming of anything Australian that could including the neutering of the F35 to literally a weak 30 second fly past. Nothing like rewarding the kids with a dainty 30 seconds flyover after we spent about 5 hours getting the boat in and heading to the harbour and clean up. We can thank Albo. He did 5 hours on a a plane to get 30 seconds worth of media in the Alice before spending another 5 hours to get back to another 5 hours of the Australian Open. I’m glad Novak and the Belarus chick pissed on his parade. Advance Australia Fair. How horribly we have changed. Freedom…I remembered a version of it, probably ended after we had the Olympics. Not knowing what number of planes isn’t the half of it but I feel I’m preaching to the converted. At least I hope.


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