Welcome to 10th Warrant Officer of the Air Force

The important role of Warrant Officer of the Air Force (WOFF-AF) is being given a fresh set of eyes with the departure of WOFF-AF Fiona Grasby from the position, from December 1.

CAPTION: The outgoing Warrant Officer of the Air Force, WOFF-AF chief, hands over the mantle to her successor, WOFF-AF Ralph Clifton. Story by John Noble. Photo by Nicole Mankowski.

Replacing WOFF-AF Grasby is WOFF-AF Ralph Clifton, who now takes on the privilege and responsibility of representing and serving the aviators of a diverse, dynamic and evolving Air Force.

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Robert Chipman said WOFF-AF Clifton “will undertake a significant role in strengthening our Air Force legacy as we embark on a challenging and uncertain second century”.

“We commit together to do our best on behalf of aviators, ensuring they have the leadership, resources and opportunities to deliver air and space power as guided by our Air Force strategy,” Air Marshal Chipman said.

“Together we will strengthen our readiness, resilience and resourcefulness to ensure Air Force continues to rise to our strategic challenges as we have throughout our history.

“We do this as a committed member of the joint force, building partnerships across all levels of command, other government departments and our coalition partners.”

WOFF-AF Clifton brings more than 30 years’ experience in the RAAF to his new role, with an extensive deployment history across a host of operations.

He becomes the 10th Warrant Officer of the Air Force.

“I am delighted to welcome Ralph as the new Warrant Officer of The Air Force and I look forward to working with him during my tenure,” Air Marshal Chipman said.





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