Raytheon boosts Stinger production after supplying Ukraine

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has been awarded a US$624 million US Army contract to produce 1300 Stinger® missiles.

US Army photo (supplied)

The contract includes provisions for engineering support, as well as the test equipment and support needed to address obsolescence, modernise key components and to accelerate production.

President of Raytheon Missiles & Defense Wes Kremer said the company was aligned with the US Army on a plan that ensured it fulfilled its current foreign military sale order, while replenishing Stingers provided to Ukraine and accelerating production.

“This funding will be used to enhance Stinger’s producibility in an effort to meet the urgent need for replenishment,” Mr Kremer said.

The contract is being funded from the Ukraine Supplemental, which contains emergency funding to support Ukrainian defence forces.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense continues to work closely with the US Army and its supplier partners to rapidly support the growing demand for Stinger.

Stinger is a lightweight, self-contained, air-defence system that can be rapidly deployed by ground troops.
Its supersonic speed, agility and highly accurate guidance and control system give the weapon an operational edge against cruise missiles and all classes of aircraft.





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