Taking the lead in chaplaincy

Air Warfare Centre’s Information Warfare Directorate Chaplain, Wing Commander Robyn Kidd, has had a fruitful 12 months becoming the first female chaplain within Air Force to be promoted to the rank of wing commander.

CAPTION: Wing Commander Robyn Kidd is the first female Air Force chaplain to be promoted to wing commander. Story by Flight Lieutenant Georgina MacDonald. Photo by Leading Aircraftman Stewart Gould.

Wing Commander Kidd’s career has included many achievements and milestones, serving at RAAF Bases Edinburgh, Darwin, Tindal, Williamtown and Canberra, with deployments to the Middle East region.

“I am extremely proud to be serving in Air Force, no matter what rank; however, to be moving into the more intentional shaping and influencing space is exciting,” Wing Commander Kidd said.

“I am very grateful for my career as a chaplain within the Air Force.

“Hopefully my promotion is just the beginning of a new phase of diversity for Air Force chaplaincy.”

Wing Commander Kidd was also the recipient of a Chief of Air Force gold commendation for her work developing a welfare framework for the Information Warfare Directorate.

“I posted into the Information Warfare Directorate in January 2019 and was quickly embedded into the intelligence community with the sole task of developing a Wellbeing and Resilience Framework to support our personnel,” Wing Commander Kidd said.

“This was a unique opportunity to move into a world where people experience their Air Force careers in windowless rooms and I was able to experience their challenges.

“The commendation I received reflects the work of many people, not just my own, and I am thankful to the intelligence community, who went out of their way to support the development of the framework.”

Director of Information Warfare Directorate, Group Captain Andrew Hoffmann, who promoted Wing Commander Kidd late last year, commended her exceptional performance in carrying out her duties as the directorate’s chaplain.

“Wing Commander Kidd has been instrumental in establishing the welfare framework that will help us manage the risk of moral injury for deployed-in-garrison operations,” Group Captain Hoffmann said.

“Her commendation and promotion are worthy recognition of her contribution to Air Force over many years of service.

“As the first female wing commander chaplain, she is a great role model for those who will follow her, and a standout example of modern Air Force chaplaincy.”





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