Youth program reaches new heights

A Townsville youth engagement program took its participants to new heights during a training session with 3 Brigade last month.

CAPTION: Lance Corporal Jordan Blake assists a participant of the Townsville Fire Youth Engagement Program during resilience activities at Lavarack Barracks. Story by Captain Diana Jennings. Photo by Corporal Brandon Grey.

Guided by the Human Performance Centre team, participants of the Townsville Fire’s Youth Engagement Program took on the Lavarack Barracks roping and repelling tower during the adventure training component of the program.

Human Performance Centre Director Major Jason Selman said the session were designed to develop courage, commitment, mental toughness and teamwork.

“The course challenged the girls to overcome their fears and it teaches techniques to build resilience for all kinds of problems that life may throw at them,” Major Selman said.

Ambassadors from the Townsville Fire women’s basketball team were supporting participants through the course.

Ambassador Mia Murray said they tried to put their own fears aside to lead by example.

“I was very nervous, especially when we were first up on the tower, but it was so rewarding to abseil down and know that a few fears were conquered that day,” Ms Murray said.

“The girls really came out of their shells by the end of the exercise. I was so proud of them for giving it a go, they showed real bravery and they supported one another throughout the experience.”

First time Youth Engagement Program mentor Stephanie Reid also tackled the repelling tower and said she was thrilled to see their tenacity and courage.

“At first it was really confronting for the girls, but having so much encouragement from us and the Army team they stepped out of their comfort zones and walked away having felt they achieved something which was really fulfilling for them,” she said.





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