OP Fiji Assist – Overseas Humanitarian Service Medal


Dear Editor,

There have been rumours getting around about members of the ADF who served on OP Fiji Assist in 2016 finally receiving the Overseas Humanitarian Service Medal now that Phillipines 2013 and Vanuatu 2015 have been recognised.

I was just wondering if you knew anything of substance in regards to this?

Thank you in advance.

James R


Sorry James, I have not heard the rumour – about the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal.

That said, I really see little point in speculating about it until it’s actually declared by the GG – here www.gg.gov.au/australian-honours-and-awardsoperational-and-service-awards/humanitarian-overseas-service-medal

No matter how strong the rumour, no-one will officially confirm or deny until the top man signs the paperwork.

Brian Hartigan






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