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CONTACT is owned and operated by an Australian Army veteran.

CONTACT Air Land & Sea reports on the people, platforms and operations of the world’s defence forces, particularly Australia. CONTACT is dedicated to presenting photos and stories that capture the essence of serving-members’ lives and interests, as far as possible from the insider’s perspective.

CONTACT Air Land & Sea web site is our internet-based headquarters where we publish daily news and other interesting, related items. We also use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube as ’embassies’ where we engage our audience, inviting them back to our headquarters. This site attracts more than 4million page views a year, averaging more than 40,000 unique visitors per month.

CONTACT Air Land & Sea newsletter is our free fortnightly email-based publication that draws attention to recent news stories. Its intent is to bring readers the best of the previous fortnight in a handy-reference format, linking back to the original story in our headquarters (web site) – and updating subsequent developments to older stories. The newsletter is sent to more than 13,000 registered email addresses.

CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine is a high-quality, full-colour, features-based magazine published four times per year. Initially launched in March 2004 as a traditional paper-based magazine, it switched to digital in 2013. It is now only available by FREE subscription and sent to the same 13,000+ email addresses.
Paper copies of issues 1 to 40 of CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine, can still be purchased here. Many of our magazines (including the early paper-based ones) have been added to our digital archives here.

COMBAT Camera is a high-quality, full-colour, photo-essay-based magazine published on an ad hoc basis, usually as a single-subject feature. This magazine is distributed to the same subscriber base and is also archived here.







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