1400 ADF deployed on Operation COVID-19 Assist

Defence currently has approximately 1400 personnel deployed across the country as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist.

CAPTION: Australian Army military police and Queensland police stand guard outside The Westin, Brisbane, as more  more Aussies coming off overseas flights arrive for quarantine. Photo by CONTACT stringer Christabel Migliorini. Follow her on Instagram.

Current nation-wide Defence support includes reconnaissance and planning support teams to all state and territory governments to assist with emergency response planning, contact tracing teams assisting civil authorities and support to law-enforcement agencies enforcing mandatory quarantine arrangements for air arrivals into Australia.

Among the thousands of Australian air arrivals going into 14-day compulsory quarantine were 180 Australian Defence Force personnel returning from operations in the Middle East.



State-by-state breakdown of ADF support

*Note: Personnel in Joint Task Group headquarters, supporting roles, and those preparing for tasks are included in overall state-based figures but are not captured in the list of tasks.

New South Wales – 514 personnel

  • 438 ADF personnel are supporting state police quarantine and self-isolation directions at Sydney Airport, ports, local hotels and residences.
  • Since March 26, 15 soldiers from the Army have been assisting the Foodbank charity, based in Bankstown, Sydney. The soldiers are helping to pack food parcels for people who have been required to self-isolate and have no means to secure their own food supply.
  • 19 personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.

Queensland – 213 personnel

  • 26 ADF personnel are supporting state police with the reception of international arrivals at Cairns and Brisbane airports.
  • 45 personnel are supporting state police self-isolation compliance checks..
  • 14 personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.
  • 69 personnel are providing support to Queensland Police to protect Indigenous communities

Victoria – 33 personnel

  • 16 personnel are assisting with surgical mask production.
  • 3 personnel are involved in contact tracing and planning support, and isolation checking.

Western Australia – 184 personnel

  • 114 personnel are supporting Western Australia Police Force border controls.
  • 14 personnel are supporting contact tracing and planning efforts.

South Australia – 34 personnel

  • 13 personnel are involved in planning support.

Tasmania – 72 personnel

  • 30 personnel are supporting state police quarantine compliance checks.
  • 26 personnel are involved planning support and contact tracing teams.

Northern Territory – 134 personnel

  • 76 personnel are providing logistics, communications and medic support to the NT Police at three Northern Territory border control locations on the Stuart, the Barkly and the Victoria Highways.
    • The logistics are focused on catering and other sustainment operations for the NT Police in the remote locations.
    • The communications support will assist police data and voice transmission in the remote locations with limited reception.
    • The medic support will assist police in the health screening of civilians who are trafficking through the areas.
    • ADF personnel are not involved in the enforcement of border controls.
  • 7 personnel are involved planning support and contact tracing teams.
  • 6 personnel have deployed to perform quarantine compliance checks.

Australian Capital Territory – 22 personnel

  • 11 personnel are involved in planning support and contact tracing teams.









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