First F-35A deployable cabins delivered

The first two of 15 Lockheed Martin Australia F-35A deployable cabins critical to successful Joint Strike Fighter operations have been delivered to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), marking an important milestone in the Australian JSF Program.

Partnering with fabrication experts Varley Group, Lockheed Martin Australia has delivered the next generation of classified transportable spaces for operating information and communication technology (ICT) systems to support Australia’s F-35A aircraft.

Deployable duty facility (DDF) cabins are an essential component of the deployable information systems capability for the F-35.  

The cabins manufactured by the Hunter-based company Varley Group using Australian steel, were handed over by Lockheed Martin Australia for fit-out at Royal Australian Air Force Base, Williamtown.

Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia Vince Di Pietro said that the ADF’s formal acceptance of the deployable facilities was an important milestone in the lead up to arrival of Australia’s first two F-35A aircraft [expected early next month].

“The deployable cabins are an evolutionary development and play a critical role in operating and maintaining Australia’s F-35 fleet whether from their home base or deployed further afield,” Mr Di Pietro said.

“DDF mission system evolution involves the digital development of our deployable facilities and has the ability to accommodate the full operator workforce needed to fully use F-35 capability when deployed from home base.

“When operating the F-35, off-board information systems are required to operate seamlessly in operational scenarios.

“These Australian-built and designed cabins make this possible.”

Mr Di Pietro said the standard-ISO-sized cabins met the highest-level specifications for transport by air, land or sea, security and sustainment, and their digital systems were optimised for ADF operations.

“Lockheed Martin Australia’s integrated engineering process dovetails with the standardised Defence Systems Engineering approach.

“This ensures that all 15 deployable cabins can be positioned to support Australian F-35A software verification and validation activities and provide transportable, secure workspaces for ADF personnel to support operations and maintenance activities.”









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One thought on “First F-35A deployable cabins delivered

  • 28/01/2019 at 10:26 am

    “Jockey” Fordyce ex-flight engineer, 36 Squadron C130A Hercules here:
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    The closing date for submissions is 11th February 2019. Obtain info at .
    As most of us are in our eighties and don’t have the internet and with mail these days being so slow an extension should be sought when you apply! RSL, Vietnam Veterans, or Centrelink may download a copy of the Submission Cover Sheet for you.
    A lot of us are gone so let’s fight the rearguard for them!


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