Australian Warrior Expo gathering momentum

You know, I’m really glad I got in on this juggernaut early.

Australian Warrior Expo invited CONTACT to be a media partner at the beginning of this year.

Even though it was a relatively new event, I had no hesitation jumping on board – I could see the potential in the idea and hear the excitement and commitment in organisers’ voices.

One indication of how far Australian Warrior Expo has come in the nine months or so that I’ve been involved is in their Facebook page.

If memory serves me well, the AWE Facebook page had followers numbered in the hundreds back then. Today they have nearly twice as many followers as CONTACT.

That’s extraordinary. I’m jealous.

I’ll just have to stick around to find out how they do it.

It must be something to do with all the cool giveaways they’ve got going over there.

How can I compete with that?

But, of course, it’s not about competing. They do their thing, I do my thing and we all do things together – like good partners do.

And then some of their Facebook followers will come over here, and vice versa.

And, sure isn’t that what mediapartnershipping is all about?

And then – there’s the big event itself, at the Brisbane Showgrounds from 15 to 17 November.

I’m both excited – and nervous.

What will I wear?

More importantly, what will my display booth wear?

I have so much work to do!


But I’m really looking forward to meeting heaps of CONTACT fans there – old and new.









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