A quick look at the Hawkei PMV-L

A couple of Australian Army Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle – Light were on display during Exercise Chong Ju at Puckapunyal training area, Victoria, on 16 May.

Major Brendon Sweeney gave Army reporters a quick overview of the new vehicle currently rolling out across the ADF.

About 1100 vehicles and 1000 trailers have been ordered under the $1.3billion Project LAND 121 Phase 4 contract.

Hawkei is designed and built by Thales in Bendigo, Victoria – the same factory that spawned the much-loved Bushmaster.




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Exercise Chong Ju is an annual live-fire training exercise conducted at the Australian Army’s Combined Arms Training Centre at Puckapunyal in northern Victoria to showcase capabilities to Army’s next generation of combat leaders.

Exercise Chong Ju 2018 included demonstrations from the M1A1 Abrams tank, ASLAV (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle), M113 armoured personnel carriers, 81mm mortars and M777 155mm howitzers.

two other Project Land 400 vehicles were also on display – CRV Boxer and Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle.

Other capabilities on display included Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, unmanned aerial systems, soldier combat ensemble, battle management system.

Exercise Chong Ju is named after a battle in North Korea in 1950, when the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, supported by tanks and artillery, attacked and captured a large North Korean defensive line during their northward advance to the Yalu River.





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