Aussie imaging company launches military sister

Australian company UAV Vision, who specialise in design and manufacture of lightweight, gyro-stabilised imaging systems announced yesterday that it has launched a sister company – Defence Vision – which will focus exclusively on the military market.

CAPTIONA UAV Vision gyro-stabilised imaging system in action. Photo supplied.

Using some of UAV Vision’s best talent, Defence Vision says it will provide innovative products, quality service, and a tailored customer journey for military customers.

“To fulfil the growing demand for high-performance imaging sensors for airborne, ground and maritime missions, Defence Vision will become the sole trader of UAV Vision sensors for the military market,” a spokesman said.

“With an experienced team of engineers, the company will grow its product line with more innovative, high-performance and excellent-value products to provide veterans with greater capabilities in their missions.”

Defence Vision has opened its headquarters in the heart of Melbourne with a CBD location to access high-quality talent, imperative to the development of the business.

UAV Vision CEO Mike Bailey said UAV Vision had provided lightweight, gyro-stabilised camera systems for defence and commercial applications since formation in 2006.


“A commercial and a military mission is very different from one another,” Mr Bailey said.

“Although they may both require a lightweight, high-performance and multi-sensor imaging sensor, they have different end goals.

“By introducing Defence Vision, we can prioritise the needs of both customers.

“Defence Vision has taken on-board some of UAV Vision’s most experienced talent, while introducing industry specialists to the team.

“This is an exciting time for both companies as we can tailor our products, services and customer journeys to suit the needs of our commercial and military customers.

“With over 12 years of experience in delivering systems to both the military and commercial markets, we have the knowledge and practice to best serve them individually.”








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