Issue 38
June 2013

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

A handover of the most recent rotations of Australia’s Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan took place in March, with
a number of major successes over the preceding seven months divulged

Words and pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Every two years, as ‘Avalon’ – more properly called the Australian International Airshow, at Avalon – gets closer, I get more excited. Avalon is the holy grail for aviation enthusiasts in this part of the world. It’s the biggest, loudest, most diverse and most exciting air show in Australia – and, indeed, the southern hemisphere.
And I love it.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics various

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

On Sunday 5 May, Albion Park south of Wollongong played host yet again to one of Australia's best regional air shows - the now-annual Wings Over Illawarra.
And photographer Glenn Fenwick was there to cover it for CONTACT.

Pics Glenn Fenwick

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Last issue I left off telling you how thirsty HMAS Melbourne can be. With two gasguzzling ‘jet’ engines, her considerable fuel capacity can be severely depleted in just a few days, depending on what she gets up to. For example, at a reasonable cruising speed of around 20 knots, she drinks around 12 US gallons, or 46L of F-76 marine diesel per minute. Nudge the speed up to 30 knots, though, and she guzzles down something a little north of 30 gallons a minute – or more than 150,000 litres per day.
So, you can imagine that even with her capacity to carry 750 tonnes of diesel, HMAS Melbourne needs her tanks topped up fairly regularly. And this she usually does without pulling in to port.

Words and pics Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea In 2006 Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) approached Naked Army with a view to commissioning a collectable sculpture representing a member of the unit on operations – a commando operator returning from a successful direct-action mission. At the time the working title for the project was ‘Job’s Done’.
Later, in 2010, the CO of 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt), Lieutenant Colonel Craig Shortt, decided his unit would like a more
appropriate memorial to honour east-coast SOCOMD units’ fallen.
To be included within the design of this memorial would be a monument-sized version of the now popular 12-inch sculpt – which had became known as The Operator – as a central fi xture and focal point.

Words and pics Naked Army

CONTACT Air Land & Sea New Zealand’s decade-long military contribution to Bamyan province, Afghanistan, officially came to an end at a ceremony at Kiwi Base, Bamian town, on 3 April 2013. The New Zealand flag was lowered for the final time by the 21st and last rotation of New Zealand Defence Force personnel to serve with the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZPRT).

Words NZDF
Pics Corporal Sam Shepherd

CONTACT Air Land & Sea Shortly after midday on 30 March, a distress call from a twin-engine Beechcraft Baron with two people on board, suddenly changed the complexion of an otherwise fine Saturday afternoon. The call would precipitate a large-scale multi-agency search and recovery involving aircraft, vessels and divers.

Words Andrew Mcalley, NZ Police
Pics NZ Police, RNZ Navy, and Civil Aviation Authority

CONTACT Air Land & Sea


Part 5 - Navy

Pics ADF

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