Autonomous warrior enhances Navy’s fighting edge

A new-look Autonomous Warrior (AW) series is tapping into Australian industry to discover new and disruptive technologies that could transform Navy capability.

CAPTION: Lieutenant Commander Bryan Cromie from the Robotic Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence Team, Warfare Innovation Navy Branch, with a remotely piloted aircraft at the virtual Autonomous Warrior event in Canberra, ACT. Photo by Petty Officer Bradley Darvill..

Fifteen industry groups demonstrated leading edge technologies at the inaugural 2021 event, AW Discovery – a virtual conference, hosted by Warfare Innovation Navy.

Staff Officer Autonomous Warrior, Lieutenant Commander Bryan Cromie, said AW was Navy’s flagship program to demonstrate and trial emerging robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence (RAS-AI) technologies.

“The pace of change is increasing and we need to think differently to maintain our competitive edge to defend Australia from sophisticated and rapidly evolving threats,” Lieutenant Commander Cromie said.

“Through AW, we gain a better picture of how RAS-AI systems integrate into our fleet to create a next-generation fighting Navy.

“We’re taking a closer look at remotely piloted and autonomous air, surface and underwater vehicles, automated launch and recovery systems, and sensor technologies with applications in all war-fighting domains.”

Director General Warfare Innovation Navy, Captain Adam Allica, said AW was important for building trusted relationships with Defence industry.

“Australia’s Defence industry is world-class. We need to tap into this specialist expertise to identify technologies that can be incorporated into real operations today to optimise our fleet now and into the future,” Captain Allica said.

“Our goal is to give our people tools and technologies that will keep them safe, help them make faster and better decisions, and complete missions impossible for humans alone.”

The Autonomous Warrior 2021 series of events combines discovery workshops, scientific trials, industry demonstrations and live operations.

AW is part of Navy’s RAS-AI Strategy 2040, which outlines Navy’s vision to enhance its fighting edge through cutting edge technologies.





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