Buy multiple CONTACT Yearbooks and save heap$$$

You can now buy CONTACT Yearbooks in bulk to save money.

Fill out your collection or buy multiple copies of one year to give away as gifts – the more you buy the bigger the savings.

Normal price per book is $85 each, but now you can buy…

2 books for $$160 = $10 discount or $80 each
3 books for $231 = $24 discount or $77 each
4 books for $288 = $52 discount or $72 each
5 books for $340 = $85 discount or $68 each = 1 free book
6 books for $400 = $110 discount or $66.67 each
7 books for $420 = $175 discount or $60 each = 2 free books and a coffee 😉


CONTACT YEARBOOKs are 100-page hard-cover coffee-table books you’ll love to browse, read, display and collect – or give away as gifts.

They are filled with a selection of the best CONTACT magazine stories from each year (since 2015) plus our special coverage of the Sydney INVICTUS Games in 2018.

Our hardcover books are – ALL STORIES, NO ADVERTISING.

These are true collectors’ items, each one individually numbered and customised, with a promise not to print more than 250 copies of each issue.

You can even customise the covers with a photo of you or your intended gift recipient, and/or add a special message (and photo) to the first page.



BEFORE YOU ORDER (below), you must tell us via email which books you are about to order and tell us clearly what (if any) customisation you want in the books.

Write to or phone 0408.496.664 BEFORE you finalise the payment through PayPal.

You can also pay by credit card over the phone or by bank transfer.









If you want to see what’s inside each Yearbook, browse here.


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Posted by Brian Hartigan

Managing Editor Contact Publishing Pty Ltd PO Box 3091 Minnamurra NSW 2533 AUSTRALIA

4 thoughts on “Buy multiple CONTACT Yearbooks and save heap$$$

  • 06/07/2021 at 8:39 pm

    Can you still buy Contact magazines in stores???
    Or how can I buy one

    • 06/07/2021 at 9:11 pm

      Hi Stephen. Sorry, no, CONTACT is not available in newsagents anymore. We stopped printing actual magazines in 2013. Basically, our shop sales nose-dived as soon as the PM said major operations in Afghanistan were finished. CONTACT magazine is now only available on line (via the ‘Archives’ tab in the main menu above). But, it is still produced in the same format as it always was – just electronically – with the best features selected to go into our once-a-year ad-free yearbooks.
      Brian Hartigan

  • 01/06/2021 at 9:33 am

    Hi Brian,
    I thought I had all the issues however I notice that there is 2 that are missing Invictus camera and last one in the photo list. What I do not understand is that there appears to be 2 of the 2020 publication. I refer to the one with a rifleman and another wearing numerous medals.
    Before ordering the missing ones could you please explain where I have gone wrong.
    Lindsay Howard-Smith

    • 01/06/2021 at 11:36 am

      Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you so much for your interest and for your previous purchases. It’s very much appreciated.
      The second 2020 cover design is by way of demonstrating that anyone can order a customised front cover (of any book) by sending me appropriate photos (they have to be fairly high resolution for best results). In the example shown above, the handsome rooster is me – 31 years ago on the Kapooka bayonet assault course and on a recent Anzac Day.
      Brian Hartigan
      CONTACT Editor


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