My roving shop organiser – another free bitzer

This next project combines one of those free tables I picked up in the last video, with a bedside locker I found on the side of the road – complete with someone else’s rubbish and spiders – plus more of the super thick MDF I like for bench tops.

Though small, this roving bench is very handy addition to my shop, carrying screws, nails, nuts and bolts, and even a new air compressor I got for my birthday recently.

It ain’t pretty, but it is solid as the proverbial brick shithouse – and it is square (for a change).

And, being on castors, it is of course fully portable, bringing the screws, nails and very handy working surface closer to whatever I’m working on.

If you’ve been following my Make-n-Do series, you’ll know I’ve been teasing about how this could be leading up to something new and big for CONTACT.

Since I dropped this significant hint recently, little has changed – and the suspense is killing me too!

But, this holdup in progress is at least giving me more time to catch up on editing my woodshed videos, before all hell breaks loose.





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