Issue 39
September 2013

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

AASAM — the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting — marked its 29th year by filling its ranges to capacity in a challenging competition that spanned almost three weeks.

Words Captain Felicity Hamblin, and Sergeants Brian Hartigan and Damian Griffin
Pics Sergeants Brian Hartigan and John Waddell

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Exercise Chong Ju is an annual live-fire exercise designed to give the Army’s next generation of combat leaders a taste of the combined affect of air and land assets ranging from Abrams tanks to F/A-18s on the battlefield. The scenario involved an attack on an enemy position with friendly forces breaching natural and man-made obstacles to move through to clear the objective, followed by a withdrawal and reorg in anticipation of an enemy counter-attack.

Words and pics Sergeant Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Australia, Japan and the US conducted the first ever ground exercise involving the three nations – Exercise Southern Jackaroo – in Australia from 18 to 26 May 2013. The exercise was seen as an important step forward in trilateral defence cooperation.
Exercise Southern Jackaroo saw Australian Army, Japan Ground Self Defense Force and US Army personnel participate in skills-based live-fi re training and adventurous training, at Puckapunyal and in Melbourne.

Words and pics Sergeant Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The Australian Army’s 3rd Brigade recently completed a Combined Arms Training Activity (CATA) at the Townsville Field Training Area, with the aim to enhance its ability to prosecute foundation warfighting – that is, to operate, fight and win as a potent and versatile combined-arms formation executing joint land combat against a near-peer threat. CATA was the first time Army’s future Multi-role Combat Brigade (MCB) deployed, operated and fought against a near-peer threat in a high-intensity-conflict scenario. Furthermore, CATA witnessed the first time that the Armoured Cavalry Regiment (ACR) component of Army’s Plan Beersheba/MCB force modernisation program was exercised.

Words Captain David Cowan
Pics Leading Aircraftman Oliver Carter

CONTACT Air Land & Sea New Zealand Army and Royal New Zealand Navy personnel completed a six-week amphibious warfare exercise in July at the US Marine Corps' Camp Pendleton in Southern california. Working alongside Japanese and Canadian forces, the Kiwi soldiers and sailors learned amphibious war-fighting skills from their US Marine counterparts from the 1st Marine Division. NZDF has been preparing its forces for amphibious operations for some time and this was seen as a perfect opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge to allow the NZ Defence Force to execute successful amphibious operations in the South Pacific.

Words NZDF
Pics Lance Corporal Alexander Quiles, USMC, and Major Aidan Shattock, NZDF

The words of former US Army Lieutenant Matt Gallagher from his acclaimed book ‘Kaboom - embracing the suck in a savage little war’, so resonated with portrait artist Caroline McGregor that she immortalised the speaker by naming an entire collection of heart-felt Australian-soldier portraits - JUST GIVE A F#*K!

Words and pics Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea During the initial stages of the 2013 Operation Paladin deployment to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in Israel, the idea to have a small contingent of officers go to Turkey and attend the Anzac Day services on the Gallipoli peninsula was formed. Five of us were fortunate enough to travel to Turkey to see for ourselves the battlefields where our military heritage and the birthplace of our national identity 98 years ago.

Words Captain Scott Klima

CONTACT Air Land & Sea


Part 6 - Fighting Aircraft

Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea


Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird MG was killed in action on 22 June 2013 while operating as a member of the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan. The SOTG and the Afghan Provincial Response Company were conducting a partnered operation to disrupt an insurgent network operating in the Khod Valley, which was known to have direct influences on insurgent activity in Uruzgan province.

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