Issue 36
December 2012

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

I visited Australian troops in the Middle East Area of Operations in September. While I anticipated patrols outside the wire with
our soldiers, circumstances prevented it (more on that in my editorial). Instead, what I did was talk to as many people as I
could to get a better background understanding of the day-to-day life of our soldiers, especially in Afghanistan. What follows are
some of those chats, offering different threads around the same conversation.

Words and pics Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Last issue, I left off telling you how HMAS Melbourne’s crew is an almost addictively fit bunch of Aussies – plus three Kiwi ring-ins.
All hours of the day or night there’s someone somewhere doing PT. The small gym is, apparently, fully booked 24/7 – so other popular spots include the flight deck, or the focsle (the open deck up front with the hints of interesting weaponry), or a range of other nooks and crannies, with rowing machines, cycle machines, treadmills, weights, mats, chin-up bars, gymnastic rings and a host of other fitness apparatus salted away (though more often than not, pulled out and in use) in strange and surprising places all
over the ship....

Words and pics Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea Fresh from operations in Afghanistan, a section from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), came out on top in the Duke of Gloucester Cup at Singleton Military Area earlier this year - and, in October, flew to Wales to take part in Exercise Cambrian
Patrol, the premier infantry-patrolling event of the British Army, and came away with a highly sought-after silver medal after completing the gruelling 60km course in less than 48 hours.

Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea For the most conspicuous acts of gallantry and extreme devotion to duty in action in circumstances of great peril on 24 August 2010 at Derapet, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, as part of Mentoring Task Force One, Corporal Daniel Keighran is awarded the Victoria Cross - a first for the Royal Australian Regiment.

Words and pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea It is a well-established adage that conflict, specifically armed conflict, brings out the best and worst in man. Arguably many of
the world’s most striking and emotive images have been captured on the field of battle. These images would not exist in our
collective psyche without placing someone, often in harm’s way, behind a lens – and that’s where Australia’s 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit (1JPAU) enters the frame.

Words Captain Chris Rickey
Pics 1JPAU

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The third instalment in our popular new series of articles cataloguing the weapons suites of the Australian Defence Force.

Part 3 - The soldier combat ensemble and heavier support weapons.

Pics Andrew Hooper and ADF


CONTACT Air Land & Sea .... CONTACT Air Land & Sea ....CONTACT Air Land & Sea ....CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Corporal Luke Tamatea, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker and Private richard Harris, NZDF, killed by an IED.
Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald and Private Nathanael Galagher, 2 Cdo Regt, killed in helicopter crash.
Sapper James Martin, 2CER, Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic, 2/14LHR (QMI), and Private Robert Poate, 3RAR, shot by ANA insider.
Corporal Scott Smith, SOER, killed by IED during compound clearance.

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