Issue 34
June 2012

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison addressed the Sydney Institute on 28 February. During his speech he said his job was to look forward and plan for a future where Australia had an army that was as relevant and robust as was aff ordable and not allowed to slip back in to a ‘peacetime army’.
[After the federal Budget was handed down on 8 May, CONTACT thinks many of his fears may be coming true]

Words Lieutenant General David morrison
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

What works for diggers? Scientists, engineers, procurement officers and combat-experienced soldiers were brought together last year as part of a new virtual team called Diggerworks, charged with delivering new equipment, better
suited to the situation on the ground, more quickly, so that Australian troops on the battlefield will be more lethal
and better protected.

Words Brian Hartigan and Lieutenant Colonel Jason Blain
Pics Corporal Mark Doran

CONTACT Air Land & Sea Minister for Defence Stephen Smith announced he had received in March the final report of the Australian Defence Force Posture Review, which he commissioned in June last year. He said the review addressed the range of present and emerging global, regional and national strategic and security factors that require careful consideration for the future. While the report panel looked at a range of strategic issues, including the so-called rise of the Asia Pacific and the Indian Ocean rim as regions of global strategic significance; and examined current ADF geographical positioning and base arrangements, among a wide range of other domestic factors – little actual action is likely to come directly from
this report’s recommendations. Instead, it will be used to ‘feed into’ the Defence White Paper, which has now been brought forward to next year.

Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Australia welcomed the fi rst company-sized rotation of United States Marines to Darwin in early April. pproximately 200 Marines from Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, arrived at RAAF Base Darwin around midnight on 3 April before an official welcome parade at Robertson Barracks and a move out bush to commence exercises in some of the Australian Defence Force’s premier training areas.

Pics Corporal Christopher Dickson and leading Seaman Helen Frank

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

On 14 August 2006, Corporal Sarah Webster nearly lost her life when an insurgent rocket struck and penetrated a concrete protection barrier (t-wall) near her sleeping quarters in Baghdad’s ‘Green Zone’. Nearly six years later and still on the
long road to recovery, Sergeant Sarah Webster marked a major milestone in her rehabilitation by winning four gold and two silver medals at the US Marine Corps wounded Warrior Trials in February this year.

Words Corporal Melanie Schinkel, Michael Brooke and Brian Hartigan
Pics ADF, USMC and Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Illegal fishing in the waters between Australia and Indonesia was the focus of a joint operation between the Australian
Defence Force and Indonesia’s armed forces, Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI), in April. The third Australian-Indonesian
coordinated maritime security patrol, AUSINDO CORPAT 2012, was conducted from 16 to 27 April, starting in Kupang, West Timor and concluding in Darwin.

Pics Able Seaman James Whittle and Lieutenant Andrew Ragless

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The first in a new series of articles cataloguing the weapons suites of the Australian Defence Force.

Part 1 - Standard-issue weapons.

Pics ADF and Brian Hartigan

Plus our regular columns;

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CONTACT's kid brother is delivered!

COMBAT Camera is a new photo-essay magazine of very high production standards. It is a stable-mate of and designed to complement CONTACT Air Land & Sea, which is now in its ninth year. COMBAT Camera will source official photos from the Defence forces of Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and others - and invites soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from any country to submit unofficial materiel. Photos and brief stories for inclusion in COMBAT Camera can be sent to editor@militarycontact.com

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