Issue 17
March 2008

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

"Being an Australian infantryman is a way of life - an identity, rather than a job. Once you have been in 'the corps' the sense of belonging lasts a lifetime. There is a unique bond among infantrymen which is intangible but nonetheless real," - Chief of Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, in a speech to the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

Who better than the Chief of Army to outline the future for the Army's largest corps and, although his thoughts were delivered some time ago, they are just as relevant today - and set the scene perfectly for CONTACT's - 'Year of the Infantry'

Pics ADF

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Despite freezing temperatures, Australian soldiers have now driven a wedge into Taliban territory by helping locals construct an Afghan Army base in the Chora Valey. But, while Dutch forces and the Australian Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) provide the security and are involved in tradework and supervission, it's the local Afghanis who are contracted to do teh actual building.

Words Captain Al Green
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Battered and broken, an Aussie digger steps up for another crack at life - and soldiering.

While serving with the Australian Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) in Oruzgan Provence, southern Afghanistan on 2 November 2007, Michael Lyddiard was seriously wounded when a roadside bomb blew up in his face.

Words and Pics Brian Hartigan
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The people of Kokoda and surrounding areas were hit hard by Mother Nature in the run-up to Christmas - the ADF and other agencies were quick and efficient in their response to a call for help.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Corporal Chris Moore

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Private Luke Worsley, an Australian Commando serving with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan, was killed in battle with the Taliban on 23 November 2007 - the third Australian in-theatre fatality in teo months.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Sergeant Katrina Johnson

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Summernats turned 21-years-old this year - and Team Army brought loads of horsepower to the nation's capital to help the rev-heads celebrate.

With an ASLAV, a heavy recovery vehicle, a flashy prime mover, two Tiger helicopters and, of course, Armygeddon in a marquee, anyone would be proud to step out at the annual horsepower-driven Summernats car festival in Canberra. And Chief of Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy was as proud as anyone to be there.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Corporal Jamie Osborne

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Recruiting and fitness are two aspects of life that are dear to the heart of the Defence establishment - so it makes sense when the two come together.

Words & Pics Brian Hartigan

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Hot on the heals of major reforms to the Defence military justice system put in place in recent years comes a new, fully deployable, Australian Military Court.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea - Somalia

Front-gate duty at the Biadoa Airfield was easy money. During the early stages of Operation Solace, the gun pit next to the gate was hardened with sandbags to give it a more permanent and sturdier appearence...

Words AJ Shinner
Pics Supplied by AJ Shinner, and ADF

Wayne Cooper is taking a break from his account of 3/4 Cav Regt's tour of duty in Somalia in 1993. Rathre than drop the series, however, Wayne has passed the baton to AJ Shinner, a former 1RAR digger, to recount the same mission from an Infantry perspective.


  • HMAS Arunta in the Gulf
  • Funeral of Private Ashley Baker
  • Repatriation of Lance Corporal John Gillespie from Vietnam
  • Gulf oil protection
  • HMAS Adelaide retires
  • Ghost net
  • A look at the proposed new Superannuation scheme


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