Issue 6
June 2005

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Our main feature this issue finds the Australian Army Training Team - Iraq under fire in the Middle East. True to form, not only do they survive, but they get on with the job undaunted - proving themselves worthy to wear the name of their Vietnam predecessors.

Words Shannon Joyce
Pics ADF

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The Australian International Airshow at Avalon, Victoria, is the fourth biggest show of it's kind in the world - and set to grow even bigger over coming years. For air buffs young and old, the smell of Avtur and the roar of jet engines - oh, yeah and the silence of glider flight and all that other stuff - never dissapoints. And CONTACT was there to record the excitement.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Brian Hartigan

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Not content with nine-to-five, some in our society choose to serve their nation as well - ans a few manage to marry both lives so that everyone's a winner. Navy Lieutenant and Federal Agent Andrew Warton was rewarded with a trip to Canada under the Prince of Wales awards that recognise the efforts of outstanding dual careers.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics supplied by Andrew Warton

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Operation Sumatra Assist continued in the western provinces of Indonesia well into the new year. Then, as the soldiers, sailors and airmen headed home, a second disaster hit the region. Just hours from home, HMAS Manoora was turned around and sent back for Phase II. In a cruel twist of fate, not long after returning to Indonesia, nine Aussies lost their lives when their helicopter crashed. We remember them with a special Requiem liftout.

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Our New Zealand corrispondent reports on two activities that happened simultaniously - Off Foreign Shores. Exercise Tasman Exchange, an annual flexing of Australian and New Zealand naval power and The Fincastle Trophy, an annual anit-submarine competition that pits Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and British air-force submarine hunters against an illusive foe.

Words Kiwi Mac
Pics ADF and RNZDF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea - Somalia

The operation in Somalia had begun with an incredible intensity for the 1000 troops who had embarked from Australia just weeks before. It seemed like such a short time between being recalled from Christmas leave in Townsville and finding ourselves in the middle of the holocaust in Somalia.
The series continues...

Words Wayne Cooper
Pics Supplied by Wayne Cooper, and ADF


  • The Queen's Life Guard Part II
  • Copehill Down - British urban warfare training
  • ANZAC Day feature - fought in 7 wars, but always on the losing side
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Heads up

Plus our regular columns;

    • Just Soldiers by WO1 Darryl Kelly
    • Private Nobber by Jonathan Garland
    • Letters from the front by Private Henry Wright
    • Games reviews