Issue 5
March 2005

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Our main feature this issue delves into the world of the F/A-18 Hornet - that sexy beast we'd all love to fly. But rather than concentrate on the beast itself, we go behind the scenes to to find out what it takes to get our front-line fighters into the air and keep them there. In other words, the people behind the machinery.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Brian Hartigan and ADF

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Private security contractors in Iraq have copped a hiding along with the rest of the soldiers in that country. But, unlike the armies of the occupying countries, these guys - and girls - don't have the comfort of knowing there's a long and capable logistics chain behind them. In this issue we meet "Skippy" - a private security operative in Baghdad's Green Zone, and a former Australian MP.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics supplied by Skippy

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

It is a coincidence, but we do have a second story from Iraq this issue after barely mentioning the place in previous issues. This story comes from Captain Joe Plenzler, a US Marine Corps PR officer, who got caught in an ambush and lived to tell the tale.

Words Joe Plenzler
Pics supplied by Joe Plenzler

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Respected Australian defence commentator Ian Bostock takes us through all the possible contenders to re-equip the Royal Australian Artillery under the terms of a Defence project yet to find it's feet.

Words Ian Bostock

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Life Vice President of the American Helicopter Society, Australian Chapter, Barney O'Shea recently witnessed the ceremonial acceptance of the first two Eurocopter Tiger helicopters into the Australian Army. In the wake of this none-too-insignificant event, Barney examines what the arrival will mean for the future of Australian Army Aviation.

Words Barney O'Shea
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea - Somalia

Somalia in 1993 was not a pleasant place to be. In fact, if the saying 'Hell on Earth' ever applied anywhere, it applied in that place.

The series continues...

Words Wayne Cooper
Pics Supplied by Wayne Cooper, and ADF


  • Operation Sumatra Assist
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  • The end of steam-power in the Commonwealth
  • Less lethal weapons
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Plus our regular columns;

    • Just Soldiers by WO1 Darryl Kelly
    • Recruit Nobber by Jonathan Garland
    • Letters from the front by Private Henry Wright
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