Issue 4
December 2004

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

The Royal Australian Navy fields very special teams of underwater operators putting themselves in harms way to secure safe passage for shipping.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics Phil Barling and ADF

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Even today, when Northern Territory police officer Phil Kellow attends a burning-vehicle incident in Australia's outback desert, it reminds him of Iraq's Highway to Hell.
Part 2 of a 2-part story.

Words Sean Burton
Pics Jason Weeding and UK MoD

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CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Thirty-eight years in any job is an achievement - 38 years in the SASR is a milestone almost too big to contemplate.

Words Brian Hartigan
Pics ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

After the first action-packed day in Baidoa, Wayne Cooper and Two-Three Section head out for the first of many night patrols in the City of Death.

Words Wayne Cooper
Pics Pete Reeves, Wayne Cooper and ADF

CONTACT Air Land & Sea

Foreign aircraft disgorging paratroopers over a major New Zealand city - no it's not a WWII drama gone wrong.

Words Kiwi Mac


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Introducing a new series from the pen of Private Henry Wright - his personal letters from the front lines of WWI.